Instead of that guy in the strip mall.

I have filed thousands of Chapter 7 and 13 cases in the Western District of Wisconsin.

And I have presented at the Wisconsin Bar annual Bankruptcy Update, Bankruptcy section retreat and Western District Bankruptcy bar, groups of social workers and Legal Action of Wisconsin seminars on topics of Chapter 13 plans, dismissal of cases, attorneys’ fees, student loan discharge and divorce and bankruptcy issues

I don’t just do debtor bankruptcy work.  I also file Chapter 128 debt amortizations and represent people in family law matters (divorce, separation of unmarried partners, premarital agreements, enforcement of judgments etc.) and estate planning (wills and trusts) and have done some work with ordinance violations, misdemeanors, probate, personal injury and environmental (conditional use permit case in the Wisconsin Supreme Court this year-won in Court of Appeals) and animal law.

I have received recognition from the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney of the month) and Dane County Bar Assn. (pro bono award for representing people arrested at a singing protest in the Wisconsin Capitol-dismissed on First Amendment grounds).

I have one office in Madison where I work with several other lawyers who represent tenants, cooperatives and nonprofit organizations.  The firm has been in existence for over 40 years.  I do not just drop into the office once a week.  I don’t file cases all over the state and concentrate on this area.  I took a bankruptcy stay and discharge violation case to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and won (3-0).

I have staff, but you will meet with me and I will go to your court date with you.  I live here and don’t hire “appearance counsel” to meet you once and never again for your hearing with the bankruptcy trustee.  

Your fee is based on how complicated your case is and whether you are low income.  I do not have a flat fee that is the same for every client.  Despite having over 30 years’ experience, my fees are very competitive with people with far less experience.  I am willing to assist people in representing themselves for a reduced fee.

I have never been disciplined by the State Bar of Wisconsin, or been sued by a client or the U.S. Trustee.

I have decades of life experience, have worked with housing counselors advising people about how to avoid foreclosure (free workshops for two years), and understand what the economic realities of life living paycheck to paycheck, raising kids, running a business, having your family break up, etc. etc. 

Since the “bankruptcy reform” of 2005, I am required to say that I’m a bankruptcy attorney who assists people in filing bankruptcy cases, but I do much more than that, and have provided the information the law requires to prospective clients for over 30 years.  Legal services and information should be accessible to everyone.​