Cooperatives & Non-Profit Organizations

Forming a cooperative (co-op) or non-profit organization will require:

  • Determining the best structure to meet your needs and interests;
  • Securing financing;
  • Creating articles of incorporation and bylaws to meet your needs, and which comply with applicable legal requirements;
  • Filing forms and documentation with the proper government agencies; and
  • Obtaining tax-exempt status.


Our attorneys have decades of experience working with coops and non-profits of all sorts, and can help you set up your organization properly and in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws in a way that meets your needs and desires. 

Applying for Tax Exempt Status
Our attorneys have decades of experience assisting all sorts of non-profits in obtaining exempt status.  We can assist you structuring your application in such a way that it improves your chances of  obtaining tax-exempt status for non-profit organization. If you need to file paperwork to obtain tax-exempt status or to allow for fundraising, we will provide you with the proper forms, answer any questions you have, and file the paperwork with the appropriate agency. After you have your tax-exempt status, we can help you keep it by advising you about required annual forms, how to avoid an IRS tax audit, and any common issues our attorneys see among similar organizations.

Organizational Documentation 
Articles & By Laws for Coops and Non-profits, can be very simple, or rather complex.  There are many requirements to be aware of imposed by statute, or as requirements to obtain exempt status.  Also, many times our clients want to enhance member self-management, or other democratic aspects of governance.  We have years of experience working with organizations to create Articles, By Laws or Policies, which both comply with the legal requirements, and also allow for such special interests.  .

Dispute Resolution 
We always try to work together and avoid disputes, but invariably they do arise at times.  Our attorneys have years of experience with cooperatives and non-profits and their boards and members, and they also happen to have years of experience as litigators.  We can put this experience and these skills to work for you in helping identify disputing parties’ real issues and arrive a mutually acceptable resolutions.  Also our litigation experience helps us help you address such disputes in such a way that although you do your best to resolve the problem without court actions, you never the less take the necessary steps to be in the best position should such court action become unavoidable.  Then we can represent your coop or non-profit in any court or administrative forum.

We have years of experience helping non-profits and coops dealing with banks or other less conventional lenders.  We can prepare or review and edit lending documents and represent you through closings.  We can provide advice about coop bond issues and other fund raising efforts.  There are unique rules applicable to cooperatives when it comes to fund raising, and our decades of experience dealing with these issues can be invaluable to your success.