Family Law / Divorce

Professional guidance and advice can relieve the stress of family breakup and set ground rules for financial arrangements both before and after marriage, and for unmarried couples. Attorney Patricia Hammel has worked extensively with people getting married and divorced as well as modifying court orders and drafting prenuptial and marital property agreements.  She provides full representation as well as consultation with people doing their own family cases to review and revise documents and evaluate agreements. ​

Wisconsin is a community property state and the law provides that married people usually own half of the property and are responsible for each other’s debts unless they have agreed to another arrangement with a prenuptial or marital property agreement.  Gifted and inherited property is subject to different rules, but can get treated differently over time. ​

Other parts of the family code govern custody and placement of minor children, and support for children or spouses.  All these aspects are interrelated in many cases. She has practiced in Dane and most of the surrounding counties for over 30 years in cases involving long and short marriages, businesses, real estate, retirement accounts, debts, insurance and spousal and child support issues.  Most cases are settled, some mediated through the county bar or private mediators to avoid the expense and uncertainty of litigation. Call and ask to speak to Patricia about your questions and concerns and determine whether she can provide the help you need.