Policy and Advocacy

Lobbying and making policy change on the State and Local Level can be tricky.  We can help you navigate the legislative process through committees and legislative votes.  We can also help you draft a policy agenda and create draft legislation so you can best articulate the changes you want to see.  

From the halls of the Wisconsin State Capitol to the Madison City Council to local school boards, we can help you advocate for your progressive values. Partner Carousel Bayrd is a licensed lobbyists in Wisconsin who can help you track legislation on the state and local level.  We will research and write position papers, letters, op-eds, testimony, and advocacy actions to make your position heard in the community and by our elected leaders.   Carousel is a former political journalist and a local elected official—she will help you navigate the legislative process and best articulate your position. 

Carousel can also work with your staff, board, clients, and supporters to develop an advocacy agenda that helps express your legislative priorities and values.  We can turn your expertise and organizational mission into an Advocacy Agenda that will help legislators at every level understand your work.

Contact our office to set up a consultation to discuss your organization’s needs.